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Selling Tips

Do your homework to determine the total costs involved in selling a property.

Provide us with contact details for your mortgagee so we can expedite their discharge of mortgage and liase with them throughout the settlement process. Contact your mortgagee immediately the contract becomes unconditional to arrange signing of their discharge of mortgage authority. Please note, your mortgagee will not commence discharge of their mortgage until the authority has been signed.

Obtain advice from your accountant to see if GST affects the sale of your property.

We will notify the water corporation, local authority, strata company (if applicable) and Office of State Revenue of the change of ownership and attend to payment of any outstanding charges. It is your responsibility to notify the other utilities (i.e. Western Power, Alintagas, telephone provider and insurance company) of the ownership change.

Was your house constructed after February 1997 or have you undertaken renovations in excess of $12,000 in value? If so, you may need to provide evidence of home indemnity insurance.

Always advise us if you are going away during the period prior to settlement. We can then make arrangements to ensure you have executed all documents prior to your departure.

Was your house constructed or were any renovations undertaken as an owner builder? If so, you may require the minister's consent to sell and you will need to provide the necessary home indemnity insurance for the purchaser.

Time is always of the essence. Be certain to sign all documents as soon as is practicable.

Any items that you wish to remove from the property must be stated on the contract.

Should the property be vacant and the contract is not subject to any existing tenancies, the purchaser is entitled to possession immediately following settlement. If you reside in the property, vacant possession must by provided to the purchaser by 12.00 noon on the day following settlement.

Any special conditions on the contract that are your responsibility, must be attended to prior to settlement, eg the contract may provide for all electrical, gas and plumbing appliances to be in good working order. It would therefore be your responsibility to demonstrate that all items work when the purchaser carries out the final inspection.

If the property is tenanted it is imperative that a condition is placed on the contract to acknowledge the existence of the tenancy.

Please do not amend any conveyancing documents without contacting us first. As all documents are legal in nature, any alterations are only to be completed in the prescribed manner.

If the property is unencumbered it is suggested that you locate and deliver the certificate of title to us as soon as possible. If you have lost the title you must notify us immediately. We can apply for a replacement title on your behalf but the process is a lengthy one and may cause delays to settlement.

We request that you do not pay any shire, Water Corporation, strata company or Office of State Revenue accounts within 2 weeks of settlement. These accounts will be taken into account when calculating the settlement adjustments, and any pre settlement payments will render our calculations incorrect.

If your property is strata titled and subject to a joint insurance policy, provide us with a copy of the insurance policy to enable the recovery of the unexpired premium paid by you upon settlement.